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Holistic alternative medicine such as Word Medicine reports are provided here to stop emotional distress such as anxiety and depression and potential anxiety physical symptoms and depression physical symptoms that may come from them.

This site is dedicated to helping you understand what causes your ailments and to offer you alternative approaches for you emotional and physical well being. Please see our disclosure/disclaimer.

One such approach is Word Medicine Reports themselves; they are designed to provide a natural remedy for depression and work well to teach you how to cure anxiety in many people.

Word Medicine

You can find Word Medicine reports on this site. Click here for Word Medicine Report Products.

They truly are one of the alternative medicine therapies. There is also much free information on basic mood issues, such as anxiety, depression, fear, hatred, sadness, hurt, guilt, anger, and things such as the inability to forgive.

We subscribe to the theory that physical ailments also are effected by emotional states of mind and so there are many resources, free and otherwise that we are dedicated to bring to you.

What You Will Find On This Site Under Anxiety

If you have ever asked what is anxiety disorder or have looked for a treatment for anxiety disorder you will enjoy browsing this site and downloading these reports.

It can be confusing learning about something called GAD, and the so-called Generalized Anxiety Disorder treatment options that are available and if it's possible to locate a good treatment for anxiety disorder that you can have confidence in.

Should you join anxiety support groups?

What about your children? "Should I worry if my child has "Anxiety Disorder"? It's easy to become overly concerned because anxiety disorder children are common and it's difficult to know what to do for them.

With Anxiety Comes Anxiety Physical Symptoms

Unfortunately, there are consequences to anxiety. One side effect to anxiety is the side effects; the physical symptoms that accompanies anxiety.

It can be many things from a canker sores on tongue to adrenal problems. It is our intent to help you with these using holistic alternative medicine and there treatments if at all possible.

What You Will Find On This Site Under Depression

You can learn about alcohol and depression, pregnancy and depression, something called DSM-IV Depression and of course, how to deal with depression, if depression support groups work, and alternative treatments such as a wonderful natural remedy for depression called Word Medicine Reports, among many others. And the options available for depression physical symptoms that occur.

Enjoy the Word Medicine reports and the other holistic alternative medicine treatments you learn about here.

Other Emotion Based Physical Symptoms

Use the data below to uncover potential emotional causes for your physical symptoms.

Physical Symptoms
That May Come From Common Emotional States

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Abdominal area:                      

            Incorrect use of judgment (wisdom)     

            Identifies with possessions and has little sense of self     

            Feeling possessive of someone 

            Worrying about others/needs introspections to change self        

            Feels responsible for giving understanding, help and encouragement      

            Feeling undue tension, fear and anxiety which constricts the energy flow

            Disharmony and bondage in relationships          

            Bound up in present fears and not trusting         



            Stopping the process   


            Seething; unresolved hurt feelings         

            Wanting revenge          

            Festering feelings         


            Holding on to an old concept   

            Fermenting thoughts over hurts, slights, and revenge      


            High levels of stress     

            Tense and worried       

            Feeling a need to punish self     

            Feelings of resistance towards authority

            Feeling defenseless      

            Unable to take a stand--wishy-washy   

            Feeling of being in the wrong place       

            No feeling of purpose (Aimless)           

            Inability to speak up for the self

            Belief in violence          


            Feeling of being all alone          

            Feeling separated from source of love  

            Feeling that nobody loves me   

            Aching to be held and loved     

            Feeling efforts have been thwarted       

            Feelings of sadness      


            Feelings of guilt

            Feelings of self-rejection/dislike of self  

            Disowning what is happening to life -- "Denial" 

            Unwilling to face up to issues    

            Not accepting of the self          


            Distorted memory in the DNA 

            Unable to think rationally          

            Unable to perceive clearly and correctly           

            Disapproval of self/running from self     

            Feelings of self-rejection          

            Feelings of despair       

            Feeling a void in the Soul         

            Wanting to avoid feeling           


            Not knowing how to love the self         

Addison's Disease:                   

            Lacks understanding of self/no sense of self      

            Anger at the self           

            Inability to understand own emotions    

            Feels no mercy for self 

            Sever emotional malnutrition     


            Acute disharmony in the home  

            Feels restricted in life/in breathing         

            Child feels unaccepted or hostility from someone          

            Feels unwelcome, in the way    

Adrenal Problems:                   

            Feels defeated 

            Feels like a victim        

            No belief in self

            "Don't care what happens to me" attitude          

            Lack of courage          

            Feelings of anxiety       

            Misusing the will          

            Subconscious belief that life must have burdens 

            Being disloyal to self    

            Unresolved jealousies & fears  

            Feels that one must struggle for success, power or position       

Aging Problems:                      

            Inability to accept NOW          

            Fear of being one's self

            Long standing unresolved negative feelings        

            Social beliefs   

            Old thinking     

            Fear of being one's self


            Not using/unable to use the power of discernment         


            Feeling defenseless & hopeless

            Feels nobody cares      

            Belief of "not good enough"      

            Denial of the self          

            Extreme deep-rooted anger     

            Negative thoughts against yourself        

            Lack of inner peace     

            Sexual guilt      


            Inability to cope/futility/"What's the use?" attitude          

            Feelings of worthlessness/self-rejection 

            Feelings of living a lie/guilt/inadequacy  

            Locked in by unresolved negative emotions      

            Locked in by believing the negative words of others      

            Protecting against feelings one is afraid to feel   

            Worried/bothered by lack of communication with others           


            Suppressed weeping    

            Imitation substitute for colds     

            Feelings that don't seem to have an answer to change   

            Fear of sharing feelings with people      

            Feeling stifled   

            Denying own power     

            Feeling aggravated by someone or something   

            Who are you allergic to?          

Alzheimer's Disease:                

            Tired of coping

            Can't face life anymore 

            Feels unable to be in control of own life

            Feelings of inferiority & insecurity         

            Suppressed anger        

            Wants to live in own little world

            Feelings of hopelessness/helplessness   

            Refusal to deal with the world as it is    


            Not wanting to be a woman     

            Dislike of the self         


            Unable to be assertive/to stand up for self         

            Wanting to escape life's problems/running from life        

            Fear of the future         

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis             

            Unwillingness to accept self-worth        

            Denial of success         


            Angry at self for inability to control things          

            Feeling life is not going the way I want  

            Feelings of "I'm not enough"     

            Not loving yourself       

            Manipulative but resentful if being manipulated  

            Devoted/possessive of someone else    

            Feels there is no joy     

            Lack of order in life     

            Fear of life       

            "Yes-but" attitude.       

Anemia: (Pernicious)                

            Feelings of total helplessness    

            Have given up  

            Deep, unresolved grief 


            Fears of falling or failing           


            Instability in present situation    

            Ankles represent the ability to perceive pleasure.         


            Feeling overworked, but can't quit        

            Feels there is no relief from pressures in life      

Anorectal Bleeding:                  




            Feels totally unable to please parent (usually mother)    

            Feels unable to live up to expectations of others            

            Feelings of self-rejection/self-hatred     

            Lack of spiritual understanding/of knowing yourself       

            Donít' know how to love self or be self

            Your soul wants to leave (self-destruction)       

            Extreme fear and self hatred     


            Dealing daily with more responsibility than the body can handle 

            Not facing the need to change day to day situation        

            Feels the need to be everything to everyone all the time 


            Survival is threatened by outer conditions         

            Feeling powerless in some area

            Releasing point

            Dumping ground          

            Abscess:  Anger in relation to what you don't want to release     

            Fistula:  Incomplete releasing of trash    

            Holding on to garbage of the past         

            Itching (Puritis Ani):  Guilt over the past 


            Pain:  Guilt       

            Desire for punishment.

            Not feeling good enough          


            Feels unable to "call the shots" in life     

            Feels boxed in

            Feels helpless to affect a change           

            Not trusting the flow and the process of life      


            "Spark of life" has been turned off        

            Doesnít want to feel     

            Deadening of the self    



            Undue fears about life  

            Unable to deal with fear: energy flow is constricted       

            Wanting something but feel you can't obtain it   

            Blocking the flow of good        


            Loss of: Incorrect perceptions causing distrust and a form of depression

            Fear, Protecting the self           

            Not trusting life

            Excessive:  Feeding the need for love, acceptance and protection          

            Fear, Needing protection         

            Judging the emotions    


            Represents the capacity and ability to hold the experiences of life          

            Left:  Not bringing enough spirituality to yourself           

            Right:   Not doing enough physically for yourself           

Arteries - Hardening:               

            Fears of being disappointed     


            Being dictatorial           

            Feeling obstructed or delayed in life      

            Unresolved feelings obscuring the flow of life    


            Carry the joy of life      


            Long-standing inability to express feelings and emotions

            Unable to see the good

            Layers of unresolved feelings built up inside      

            Refusing to be open-minded     

            Worried about not being perfect           

            Resistance, tension       


            Severely criticizing self or others           

            Holding onto feelings of hostility           

            Holding onto own opinions & beliefs    

            Long term tension or anger in life          

            Feelings of anxiety and/or         

            Depression endured over long periods of time  

            Belief that it's wrong to get angry which creates:

            Repressed anger that eats you up         

            Need to be right          

            Rigid in thinking and feelings     

            Uncompromising attitude          


            Feeling unloved

            Criticism, resentment    

            Fingers:  A desire to punish      


            Feeling victimized         

Arthritis - Rheumatoid:             

            Body is receiving conflicting messages, like:      

            Laughing on the outside, but crying on the inside           

            Feels totally helpless in ability to change life's burdens   

Asphyxiating Attacks               


            Not trusting the process of life  

            Getting stuck in childhood        


            Reliving childhood fears           

            Need for dependence  

            Chronic anxiety & fear 

            Unconscious dependency wishes          

            Feeling dominated by a parent  

            Wanting to protest, but unable  

            Being over-sensitive     

            Suppressed sorrow or crying   

            Feelings of being stifled

            Not satisfied with yourself        

            Inability to breath for one's self 

            Smother love   

Athletes Foot               

            Frustration at not being accepted          

            Inability to move forward with ease      

Autoimmune System:               

            Laughing on the outside, but crying on the inside           

            Feels totally helpless    

            Have given up  

            Deep seeded/seated grief         

Back Problems:                       

            Represents the support of life   

            Feeling no support       

            Can't cope with emotional difficulties    

            Feeling burdened emotionally   

            Feelings of frustration   

            Wanting someone to "get off my back" 

Back Upper:                

            Feels unsupported or burdened emotionally      

            Withholding your love from others        

            Feeling agitated or anxious       

            Feelings of frustration   

            Feeling unloved

Back Middle:               

            Feeling guilty    

            Lacking self-support    

            Lacking in self-confidence        

            Stuck in all that stuff back there

            "Get off my back"        

Back Lower:               

            Feels unsupported financially    

            Experiencing fear where money is concerned    

            Wanting to back out of something        

            In a relationship that hurts         

            Running away from a situation  

Bad Breath:                 

            Worrying instead of priority planning    

            Reacting to plans that have gone awry  

            Anger and revenge thoughts     

            Experiences backing up           

Balance:  (Loss of)                   

            Scattered thinking        

            Not centered   




            Trying to control everything      

            Not trusting the process of life  


            Feelings of fear toward parent (usually father)   

            Unconscious anger       

            Don't know how to get what you want 

            Need for attention        



            Gulping life too quickly 

Bell's Palsy:                 

            Extreme control over anger      

            Unwillingness to express feelings.         


            Represents the entering of this segment of the movie of life        

            Defects:  Karmic          

            You selected to come that way

            We choose our parents and our children           

            Unfinished business      


            Fear. Open to every slight        

            Animal:  Anger turned inward. 

            A need for punishment 

            Bug:  Guilt over small things      


            Small outburts of anger

Bladder Problems:                   

            Repression of sexual feelings    

            Inharmonious male & female  emotional relationships    

            Sexual identity going unexpressed         

            Unable to release things or ideas no longer needed       

            Feels over concerned with survival issues (money, job, health)  

            Lack of order or obsessed with order  



            Being pissed off           

            Holding on to old ideas

            Fear of letting go          


            Joy running out            


            But where?      

Bleeding Gums:            

            Inability to feel joy over decisions         


            Feeling unprotected emotionally           

            Resisting the flow of life

            Staying in a habit that irritates you         


            Feeling stuck in your life situation          

            Unable to change what you don't like/have to live with it           

            Unable to express your true feelings (you swallow them)           


            Letting out stirred up feelings    

            Something stagnant finally coming to a head      


            Represents joy in the body       

            Flowing freely  

Blood Pressure: (See Hypertension and Hypotension)              

Blood Disorders:                     

            Root Cause:  Lack of pure self-love & love for others  

            Feeling powerless in some area of life   

            Feelings of deep anger 

            Feelings of long-standing ill will 

            Intense depression       

Blood Problems:                      

            Not feeling joy in life    

            Stagnant thinking          

            Unable to flow with life

            Feelings of fear            

            Clotting:  Closing down the flow of joy 

Body Odor:                 


            Dislike of the self         

            Fear of others  

Boils:  (Furuncle)                     


            Boild over       



            Represents the structure of the Universe           

Bones: (Broken)                      

            Feelings of separation  

            Feelings of resentment going unresolved           


            The feeling nature is very obstinate or fixed       

            Deformity:  Mental pressures and tightness       

            Muscles can't stretch    

            Loss of mental mobility

Bone Problems:                       

            Resisting authority        

            Internally punishing self 


            Represents the release of waste

            Fear of displeasing a loved one

            Fear of releasing the old that is no longer useful 

            Fearful of not having ample means        

            Unable to control outer situation; tries to control a substitute     

            Unwillingness to relinquish control        

            Inability to eliminate possessive attitudes           

Bowel - Irritable Syndrome:                 

            Not being open about what you really feel        

            Holding back   

            Loss of enthusiasm & drive      


            Represents the computer, the switchboard        

            Extreme nervousness   

            High anxiety     

            Feeling unable to control life     

            Not open to what you really feel           

            Holding back/keeping things to yourself

            Not relaxed enough to give of your knowledge 

            Tumor:  Incorrect computerized beliefs 


            Refusing to change old patterns


            Represents mothering and nurturing and nourishment     

            Conflict of worthiness  

            Denying individual worth          

            Feels conflict in nurturing ability

            Not nurturing yourself  

Breast Promblems:  (Cysts, Lumps, Soreness [Mastitis])                      

            A refusal to nourish the self.     

            Putting everyone else first         



            Overbearing attitudes   


            Represents the ability to take in life       

Breathing Problems: (See: Asphyxiating Attacks, Hyperventilation)                   

            Fear or refusal to take in life fully          

            Not feeling the right to take up space or even exist        

Bright's Disease: (See: Nephritis)                      

            Feeling like a kid who can't do it right and is not good enough   

            A failure, loss   

Bronchitis: (See: Respiratory Ailments)             

            Extreme disharmony in the home          

            (A baby always feels the disharmony is their fault)         

            Wanting to be able to change things, but can't   

            Wanting to be in charge, but can't         

            Arguments and yelling  

            Sometimes silent          

Bruises: (Ecchymoses)             

            The little bumps in life   

            Feels a need to punish self        

            Not resolving feelings toward a certain situation


            Mistaken self-image     

            Inability to accept self  

            Feelings of no control over one's self    

            Unsatisfied needs never met     

            Feelings of self-contempt         

            Feels unable to measure up to others expectations        

            Need for spiritual growth         

            Hopeless terror

            A frantic stuffing and purging of self-hatred       


            Constant & chronic fear           

            Being stubborn and inflexible in your direction   

            Lack of joy in meeting the experiences of life    



            Burning up       



            Feelings of anxiety       

            Feelings of anger which have been repressed    

            Feel you have lost control        

            Feeling helpless to change a situation    

            Tension built up           

            Holding back hitting someone   

            Frustrated with the flow of life  


            Inability to flow with life           

            Not wanting to circulate & be open to new learning      

            Hardened concepts and ideas  

            Fear solidified  

Cancer: (A form of self destruction)                  

            Deep hurt        

            Longstanding resentment          

            Deep secret or grief eating away at the self       

            Carryig hatreds "What's the use"          

            Of blood-Leukemia:  Intense depression, anger or ill will           

            Lack of pure love for self & others       

            Of Cervix:  Repressed anger    

            Of female organs: 

            Repressed anger (Usually at male authority figures)

            Feeling an emptiness in life

            Unresolved resentments

            Feelings of hostility being suppressed

            Rejecting the self

            Feelings of despair

            Feelings of loneliness being repressed

            Poor relationship with parents

            Inability to cope with a traumatic loss

            Feelings of hopelessness/helplessness being repressed

            Mental depression

            Holding on to deep anger, resentment, hate, revenge or jealousy

            Not open to "light' or divine help

            Subconscious death wish -- no desire to live

            Cancer - Skin:  A form of destruction due to Feeling inadequate or unworthy

            Cancer - Small of Back:  Continual inside strife, but appearing happy    

            Carrying life's burdens  

            Unresolved emotional burdens 

            Cancer - Stomach:  Feelings of condemnation & hatred

            Feelings of malice        

            Feelings of wanting to get even 


Candida: (See:  Thrush, Yeast Infection)                       

            Begins with doubting your Self 

            Resentment multiplying inside   

            Inability to claim ones own power        

            Unresolved negative feelings molding in the body          

            Continually blaming others on a sub-conscious level      

            Feeling very scattered  

            Lots of frustration and anger     

            Demanding and untrusting in relationships         

            Great takers    

Canker Sores:             

            Unresolved negativity   

            Overwork coupled with emotional stress          

            Emotional upset           

            Anxious over details     

            Festering words held back by the lips   


Carbuncle:  (See Boils)            

            Poisonous anger about personal injustices         

Carpel Tunnel:             

            Feeling that life isn't fair

            Inability to claim ones own power        

            Feeling justice is never served in your behalf     

Car Sickness: (See: motion sickness)                



            Feeling of being trapped           


            Inability to see ahead with joy  

            Dark future      


            Stored anger and self-punishment         

Cerebral Palsy: (See: Palsy)                 

            A need to unite the family in an action of love    

Cerebovascular Accident: (See: Stroke)                       

Cardiovascular Disorder:                     

            Driven to complete, achieve and acquire material wealth           

            Feelings of agitation and impatience      

            Wanting matters to move more quickly 

            Low self-esteem          


            Belief & emotional center         

            Unidentified unresolved fears    

            Not feeling approval    

            Inability to claim ones own power        

            Lack of self love          

            Feelings of being unprotected   

            Hurts where love is concerned 

Childhood Disease:                  

            Child responding to mother's feelings    

            Feelings of helplessness

            Emotional needs not being met 

            Feeling shoved aside    

            Belief in calendars and social concepts and false laws   

            Childish behavior in the adults around them       


            Mental contraction, pulling away and in. 

            Desire to retreat.  "Leave me alone"     


            Belief that "I'm not supposed to be happy"        

            Denying self joy           

            Clogging the channels of joy     

Chronic Diseases:                    

            Distrusts the process of life       

            Unwilling to change for the better         

            Fear of the future         

            Not feeling safe

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:                  

            Feeling totally alone     

            Feelings of desolation   

            Feelings of despair       

            Feeling hopeless/"it's no use"    

            Tired of trying to prove yourself           

            Low self-worth

            Has lost the will to live 

Circulation Problems:               

            Represents the ability to feel and express the emotions in positive ways 

            Feeling overloaded      

            Not enjoying job, but can't quit or let go           

            Feelings of tension & discouragement   

            Feeling "I must prove myself, but how?"           

            Putting yourself down   

            Love of self and others drives circulation          

Colds: (Upper respiratory illness)                     

            Unkind feelings toward someone          

            Confusion in the home  

            Confusion in life           

            Belief in seasonal sickness        

            Too much going on at once      

            Small hurts       

            "I get three colds every winter," type of belief   

Cold Sores: (Fever Blisters also See: Herpes Simplex)             

            Inability to express anger          

            Feeling pressured or burdened by responsibilities          

            Unable to cope with pressures of life    

            Feeling resentful of the load you are carrying     

            Not wanting to accept specific news     

            Festering angry words  


            Not happy with surroundings    

            Feelings of irritation      

            Feelings of impatience  

            Mental irritation, impatience , annoyance in the surroundings     


            Overly concerned with order (lose freedom)     

            Worrying excessively   

            Feelings of oppression 

            Feelings of defeat         

            Feeling a need for more affection          

Colitis Ulcerative:                     

            Often manifest in those with obsessive-compulsive behavior      


            Feelings of anxiety       

            Unable to express hostility or anger to whom you feel it

            Feels a need to conform           

            Feels like a martyr       


            Bottled up hate

            Ascending:  Not being generous to yourself (need to be)           

            Transverse:  Not being open/truthful with self or others 

            Descending:  Unable to be relaxed within yourself         



            Escaping something or someone           

Comedones: (Blackheads)               

            Small outbursts of anger           

Congestion:  (See: Bronchitis, Colds, Influenza)            

Color Blind:                 

            Unable to see things the way they are   


            Not wanting to know something you need to hear         

            Needing to accept new insights

Conjunctivitis:  (See: Pink Eye)             

            Feelings of frustration at what you see in life      

            Feelings of anger towards life   

            Not seeing the perfection in people and life       


            Constantly fretting        

            Unwilling to release old feelings & beliefs          

            Resisting the flow of life

            Blocking what you want to say 

            Feelings of anxiety  

            Unresolvable problems/determined to carry on 

            Sometimes stinginess    


            Holding onto hurts of past experiences 

            Hardening feelings        

Coronary Thrombosis: (See Heart Attack)                   

            Feeling alone and scared          

            "I'm not good enough. I don't do enough. I'll never make it"      


            A desire to bark at the world "See me! Listen to me!"   


            Feelings of criticism      

            Feelings of annoyance  

            Feels present conditions & future possibilities are intolerable     

            Feel like you're choking on life 


            Fear of pain     

            Holding onto incorrect perceptions of femininity

            Tension built up           

            Feelings of guilt about what you have or haven't done   


            Tears are the river of life, shed in joy as well as in sadness and fear.      

Cushing's Disease:  (See: Adrenal Problems)                

            Mental imalance           

            Overproduciton of crushing ideas         

            A feeling of being overpowered


            Punishment for not following your own rules     


            Feeling sorry for self    

            Inability to resolve hurt feelings 

            Running the old painful movie   

            Nursing hurts   

Cystic Fibrosis:            

            The belief that "life works for everyone but me"

            "Poor me"        


            Unresolved irritability   

            Habitual unhappy thought pattern         

            Burning feelings inside  

            Can't get what you want           

            Feels a strong need to have things done a certain way   


            Impatient with the way others do things

            Self-acceptance is being blocked         


            Not wanting to hear what is going on    

            Lack of self love          

            Feeling of poor self-worth        

            Wanting to be isolated 

            Rejection, stubbornness, isolation.        

            What don't you want to hear?  "Don't bother me"         


            Represents leaving the movie of life      


            Feeling hopeless & helpless      

            Tired of having to struggle with life        

            Unresolved anger         

            A refusal to deal with the world as it is  


            Feeling "I'll never be able to be enough or do enough"   

            Feeling "It's no use"      

            Feeling "Things are beyond my control"

            Hopeless/helpless feeling          

            Feels like quitting or giving up on life     

            Anger turned inward    

            Insufficient exposure to sunlight can also cause depression (usually in Winter)

            Anger you donít feel you have the right to have 

Diabetes: (Hyperglycemia, Mellitus)                 

            Judging self or others severely  

            Disappointed in life      

            On-going feelings of sorrow     

            Emotional shock          

            Joy of life is gone         

            Feeling "It should have been different"  

            Obsessed with wanting to control         

            Ashamed of something you did in the past        

            Deep sorrow   

            No sweetness left        


            Rejecting the visualization of something you don't want to accept           

            Wanting to be done with someone or something           

            Running away from a situation  

            Fear of something in the present           

            Obsessed with order    

            Giving up your goals when unable to have what you desire        



            Running off      

Dizziness: (Vertigo)                  

            Lack of solid self-direction       

            Ego wants to be the boss         

            Not taking personal time for self           

            "Going around in circles" due to being unorganized        

            Feeling overloaded      

            Feeling "I don't want to cope anymore"

            Not wanting to accept things as they are           

            Having a difficult time being sociable     

            Won't express your true feelings           

Dowagers Hump:                     

            Unresolved anger         

            Built up resentment      

            Carrying others burdens           

Dry Eye:                      

            Unable to express grief

            Feelings turned off       

            Angry eyes      

            Refusing to see with love          

            Would rather die than forgive   

            Being spiteful   

            Incorrect perceptions form early years; keeping tears from flowing        


            Fear of the present       

            Cannot face what is going on    

            Hate what you are seeing         

            Feeling unjustly dealt with         

            Need to have empathy, be generous, honest, relaxed and open 

            Amoebic:  Believing they are out to get you      

            Bacillary:  Oppression and hopelessness           

Dysmenorrhea: (See: Female Problems, Menstrual Problems)               

            Feelings of anger toward self    

            Inability to forgive self  

            Hatred of the body or of women          

            Anger at the self           


            Represents the capacity to hear

            Hearing corresponds to the understanding        



            Feels nobody is listening to you, OR-   

            You donít want to listen to others         

            Hearing Problems:       

            Trying to force someone to hear things your way          

            What are the advantages of not hearing?           

            Wax:  Does not want to hear about new things 

            Infection:  Stagnating, impatience, not tolerating new information           

            Earache:  Feelings of anger at what you are hearing       

            Can't tolerate new information  

            Don't want to hear what is going on      

            Too much turmoil         

            Parents arguing

            Children:  Can't abide the turmoil in home         



            Feel you are being interfered with or prevented from doing something, thus feeling frustrated      

            Unresolved hurt feelings           

            Unresolved feelings or irritation

            Breath-taking antagonism         

            Mental eruptions          

Edema: (See: Holding Fluids, Swelling)             

            Sympathy for self, keeping you from moving too fast     

            Body's way of putting on a cast

            Feeling a need to be immobilized in some area of body 

            Holding onto something that is not necessary    

            Who or What won't you let go of         


            Represents changing directions and accepting new experiences 

            Inability to accept new experiences      

            Inability to change focus           

            Resisting achievement or sense of confidence    

Elimination Problems:               

            Deep subconscious resentments           

            Holding on to past experiences 

            Not letting go, which creates blockages

            Tension built up           


            Feeling unworthy to live           

            Fears taking in life to the fullest 

            Unable to be yourself   

Endocrine System:                   

            Drastic imbalances in life          


            Deep-seeded unresolved sadness going unanswered     

            Feelings of frustration and disappointment         

            Feelings of insecurity    

            Lack of self love          

            Wanting to blame problems on others   

            Lacking in understanding of self

            Dwelling in old limiting concepts           

            Replacing self-love with sugar  


Energy: (continual lack of)                    

            Unresolved deep-seeded sadness        

            Tired of the day to day struggle

            Wishing you could "quit"          


            Feeling a need to persecute self

            Inability to accept how you do things    

            Wanting to reject life    

            Violence against the self           

            Feeling of great struggle           

Epstein-Barr Virus                   

            Pushing beyond one's limits      

            Fear of not being good enough 

            Draining all inner support          

            Stress virus      


            Represents the capacity to see clearly - past, present, and future           

            Retina represents your feelings; Fovea represents your thinking 

            They need to work together for proper vision.  When we are    

            not single-minded they begin to separate.          

            Not wanting to understand what you are seeing

            Not seeing the truth      

            Fearing the future         

            Not wanting to see life as it is   

            Life is weak and out of focus    

            Not seeing eye to eye with another       

            Not forgiving   

            Inability to see ones own self-worth      

            Bags under:  Holding on to old inaccurate concepts      

            Blinking: (Uncontrolled):  Always running out of time, which causes,       

            Not wanting to see what you haven't done        

            Wasting time in between opportunities  

            Cataracts:  Not wanting to see the future          

            Not seeing any future for yourself         

            Failing to share your knowledge or skills           

            Circles under:  Bitterness          



            Feeling unfulfilled         

            Deep-seeded grief       


            Glaucoma:  Protracted hostility 

            Stony unforgiveness     

            Pressure from long-standing hurts         

            Overwhelmed by it all  

            Itching:  Feel you're not doing what is best for you        

            Not seeing what needs to be done        

            Feel you aren't doing a good job          

            Sty:  Not seeing the best in another person       

            Unresolved anger towards someone     

            Hanging on to feelings of resentment     

            Watery:  Unable to express an inner grief          

            Unable to say what you would like to   


            "I" trouble        

            Fear of really seeing the self     

            Children:  Not wanting to see what is going on in the family       

            Crossed:  Not wanting to see what's out there. 

            Crossed purposes        

            Wall Eyed:  Fear of looking at the present; right here    


            Flaky skin:  Feeling inadequate or unworthy      

            Unable to say what you feel     

            Protruding:  Resenting change   

            Do not want to voice how you feel       

            Red:  Not speaking truth of what you see         

            Feeling resentment because of this        


            Represents what we show the world    

            Has to do with identity 

            Forehead:  Reacting to recent conscious thoughts         

            Paralysis:  Judging self harshly  

            Putting self down in favor of others       

            Feeling rejected           

            Feeling fear and anxiety

            Having doubts about own competence 

            Can't face a situation, someone, or something   

            Afraid of losing face     

            Problems with relationships      

Fainting: (Vasovagal Attack)                

            Fear of the present       

            Feeling unable to cope 

            An excuse to blank out            

            Not facing what you need to learn        

            Nothing to look forward to      

Falling Over:                

            Not sure of self

            Insecure within 

Fallopian Tubes:  (Blocked)                 

            Nervous tension of long duration          

            High strung temperament          

Farsighted: (Hyperopia)                       

            Fear of the present       

Fat: (See: Overweight)             

            Feel a need for protection        

            Resistance to forgiving 

            Hidden anger   


            Arms:  Anger at being denied   

            Belly:  Anger at being denied nourishment         

            Hips:  Lumps of stubborn anger at the parents  

            Thighs:  Packed childhood anger.         

            Often rage at the father.           


            Resisting life     

            Feeling bored  

            Not enjoying your place in life  

            Experiencing "burn out" in one's job or relationship       

Feet:  (See: Foot Problems)                 

            Represents our understanding - of ourselves, of life, of others    

            Not liking the direction you are going    

            Fear of the future         

            Fear of stepping forward in life 

            Pigeon-toed:  Inhibited in your direction

            Pointed outward:         

            Left Foot:  Fear of spiritual direction     

            Right Foot:  Fear of physical/material direction  

            Toes curled under:  Unbalanced direction         

            Feeling inferior

            Walking on insides:  Fear facing what needs to be done

            Difficulty in planting feet squarely on ground      

            Walking on sides:  Not feeling solid in your direction     

            Lack of understanding in many aspects of life    

Female Problems:                    

            Emotional block where own sexuality is concerned       

            Feeling inadequate in sexual role           

            Feelings of fear or guilt about sex         

            Refusing to "let go" of the past  

            Rejecting feminine nature          

            Emotional block where mate is concerned        

            Denial of the self          

            Rejection of the feminine principal        


            Feelings of anger unable to be expressed          

            Feelings of resistance towards authority

            Emotionally "burning up" about something         

            Being affected by lack of order

            Holding onto the past   

Fibroid Tumors & Cysts (See: Female Problems)                     

            Nursing a hurt from a partner   

            A blow to the feminine ego       

Fibroid Tumors & Cysts:                     

            The ego has been injured         

            Unexpressed & unresolved hurts          

Fingers: (Fussing over details of life)                 

            Thumb:  Affected by Worry, Depression, Hate, Anxiety, Guilt & Self-protection           

            Index:  Affected by Fear & Resentment

            Middle:  Affected by Anger, Bitterness, & Sexuality     

            Ring:  Affected by grief & Inability to flow with life        

            Little:  Affected by Pretense, Deceit, & Un-forgiveness  


            Biting:  Wanting to destroy oneself        

            Resisting authority        

            Over-analyzing tiny details        

            (See nail biting)



            A blockage in the letting-go process     

Food Poisoning:                       

            Allowing others to take control 

            Feeling defenseless      

Foot Problems:            

            Fear of the future and of not stepping forward in life      


            Unresolved fears, resentments or guilt having to do with sex and sexual relationships      

            Fixations, complexes or neurotic attachments affecting emotional nature

            A belief that sex is bad 

            Fear of father   


            Inability to let go of the past     

            Allowing the past to rule the now          

            Hanging on to old concepts/can't change          

            Stagnating beliefs         


            Feelings of bitterness    

            Feelings of anger          

            Wanting to force things


            Feelings of bitterness    

            Feelings of condemnation         

            Being unyielding           

            Feelings of pride          

            Refusing to forgive       


            Morbidity running wild 

            Unresolved poisonous feelings  

            Inability to love self with enthusiasm      

Gas Pains: (Flatulence)             

            Gripping, fear, undigested ideas

Gastritis: (See Stomach Problems)                   

            Feelings of uncertainty  

            Feelings of anxiety       

            Feeling of doom           


            Represents the masculine and feminine principles          

            Problems:  Worry about not being good enough.          


            Represent holding stations        

            Self-starting activity      


            Fears own incapability

            Putting off doing things/responsibilities  

Glandular Problems:                 

            Living in the past          

            Long term inappropriate feelings           

            Unresolved feelings that have created gross imbalance  

            Holding yourself back  

            Poor distribution of get-up-and-go ideas          

Goiter: (See: Thyroid)              

            Feeling unfulfilled         

            Feelings of being used  

            Feel purposes have been thwarted       

            Hatred for being inflicted upon 


            Judging others harshly  

            Feelings of impatience  

            Feelings of anger held inside     

            Rejecting others or world around you   

            Wanting to dominate or control others  

Gray Hair:                   


            A belief in pressure and strain   


            False sense of pride     

            Unresolved anger and resentments       

            Inability to accept Divine help   

            Spiritual understanding & values out of balance 

            Nursing buried hurts     

            Building resentments    

Gum Problems:            

            Not carrying out decisions once they are made 

            Bleeding:  Pressuring yourself to quit procrastinating      

            Wishy washy about life

Halitosis: (See: Bad Breath)                 

            Rotten attitudes, vile gossip, foul thinking          


            Crown Baldness:  Feelings of unworthiness       

            Difficulty/inadequately accepting self     

            Dry:  Unaware that you can achieve     

            Holding back hitting someone   

            Don't know self           

            Feelings of inadequacy 

            Falling Out:  Unable to be flexible in changing your thinking       

            Not using your own power       

            Relying on others for your sense of security/safety         

            Graying--Back of head:  Not accepting yourself           

            Front of head:  Not believing in what you do and say, which     

            changes your perception of yourself      

            Overnight:  Shock from letting go of your power           

            Receding:  Feeling inadequate and/or worthless


            Has to do with the ability to grasp or let go of ideas      

            Hold and handle          

            Clutch and grip

            Grasping and letting go 

            Caressing, pinching      

            All ways of dealing with experiences     

            Left:  Receiving or being passive           

            Right:  Giving, reaching out or acting aggressively          

            Fearing new ideas        

            Fearing lack of opportunities    

            Hands have the ability to give or grab; explore or push away, hold on or let go; caress or punch

            Hands: (Arthritis)         

            Rigid, perfectionist or controlling personality     

            Severe self-criticism and criticism of others       

            Inflexible feelings repressed & mirrored in the hands     

            Hands - cramps:  Conflict over ability & how to communicate it

            Feels unable to communicate well verbally        

            Hands - sweaty:  Fears making mistakes          

            Fears appearing incompetent or foolish 

Hay Fever:                  

            Unresolved feelings of rage or fear       

            Unresolved feelings of grief or sadness 

            Repressed tears held back       

            Repressed aggression  

            Wanting to get even     

            Feelings of guilt

            Not satisfied with self   

            Fear of the calendar     

            A belief in persecution, guilt      

Headaches: (See: Migraine Headaches)            

            Tension & Stress:        

            Inability to resolve emotional upsets      

            Hurt feelings going unexpressed

            Feelings of inner pressure working on you        

            Feeling unable to control          

            Feelings of fear & anxiety getting the best of you           

            Unpleasant relationships           

            Inability to face an issue           

            Manifesting the need to laugh, sing, praise, & express gratitude 

            Impatience with self that you haven't done enough         

            Invalidating the self       

            Self criticism, fear        


            Holding on to old limitations     

            Not seeing the good in anything

            Feeling you're better than other people 

Heart Problems: (See: Blood)              

            Represents the center of love and security        

            Violating the laws of love; knowingly or unknowingly    

            Feelings of compassion or rejection being blocked        

            Feelings of resentment and/or hurt        

            Not feeling approval from others          

            Upsetting family problems        

            Has a difficult time forgiving (including self)       

            Wanting release from responsibility       

            In a relationship that hurts         

            Hardening of the heart  

            Belief in strain and stress          

            Attack:  Squeezing all the joy out of the heart in favor of money or position       

Heartburn: (See: Peptic Ulcer Stomach Problems, Ulcers                     

            Fear. Fear. Fear.         

            Clutching fear  


            On-going feelings of being burdened     

            Feeling pressured or anxious    

            Feeling fear or tension  

            Inability to let go          

            Anger of the past         

            Fear of deadlines         


            Not wanting to change 

            Feelings of anger          

            Feelings of fear

            Feelings of hate

            The liver is the seat of anger and rage   


            Angry with what's happening in your life           

            Feelings of being burdened       

            Punishing self   

            Rapture relationships    

            Strain, burdens, incorrect creative expression   

Herpes: (See: Venereal Dis-ease, Herpes Genitalis)                  

            Feelings of guilt

            Feelings of shame        

            Feelings of anxiety       

            Feelings of anger          

            Public shame   

            Belief in a punishing God          

            Rejection of the genitals           

Herpes-Simplex Virus: (See: Cold Sores and Canker Sores, Herpes Labialis)

            Not allowing yourself to be the love that you are           

            Lack of inner peace     

            Feelings of guilt, shame, anxiety and/or anger    

            Wanting to speak words of bitterness   

            Wanting to complain royally     

            Burning to bitch           

            Bitter words left unspoken       


            Carries he body in perfect balance       

            Major thrust in moving forward

            Fears making major decisions  

            Has nothing to look forward to

            Lack of emotional & physical self-support        

            Hip joint:  Not wanting to accept present experiences   

            Non-acceptance of physical experiences          

Hip Problems:              

            Fear of going forward in major decisions          

            Nothing to move forward to     


            Anger that is covered over       

            The blanket used is usually fear

            A desire to blame        

            There is often an unwillingness to nurture the self


            Small hidden fears        

            Fears that are finally surfacing   

            Feeling mistreated        

            Inability to view things with the correct perspective       

            Anger -- perceiving someone has inflexible behavior     

            Wanting to protest, but unable to          

            Mountains out of molehills        

Hodgkin's Disease:                  

            Inability to accept self  

            Frantic need to feel accepted   

            Feels a continual need to prove self      

            Blame and a tremendous fear of not being good enough

            A frantic race to prove one's self until the blood has no substance left to

               support itself

            The joy of life is forgotten in the race for acceptance     

Holding Fluids: (See: Edema, Swelling)             

            What are you afraid of losing?  

Huntington's Disease:               

            Feelings of resentment for inability to change others      

            Feelings of hopelessness & helplessness           

            Feelings of deep sorrow           


            Always wanting needs to be met, but feels helpless to have it happen    

            Frustrated due to inability to feel peace 

            Feeling pressured and frantic    

Hypertension: (High Blood Pressure)                

            Feels a strong need to be in control of everything          

            Allowing people or situations to bother you      

            Letting your emotions and reactions rule you     

            Not minding your own business/interfering with others   


            Feelings of rage for being overlooked   


            Distrusting the flow of life         

            Feelings of resistance to life and it's uncertainties           


            Feelings of overwhelmed burdens         

            Feeling a lack of joy in life        

            Feel unsuccessful so pressure yourself to be successful 

Hypotension: (Low Blood Pressure)                 

            Being more devoted to outside things than to yourself   

            Not loving yourself       

            Loss of enthusiasm & drive      

Hypothyroidism: (See: Thyroid)            

            Giving up         

            Feeling hopelessly stifled          

Hypothalamus: (Governs pituitary & pineal gland which in turn governs endocrine system)

            Feelings of rage           

            Feelings of insecurity    

            Feelings of displeasure 

            Feelings of sadness      

            Feelings of anxiety       

            Feeling restricted in some area of your life        

Immune System:                      

            Any feelings that go against your inner peace    

            Giving up         

            Inability to care (feelings) for others      

            Feeling that "everything is out of my control"     

            Feeling "there's no use trying anymore" 

            Feeling "I'm not enough"           

Ileitis: (Crohn's Dis-ease, Regional Enteristis)                



            Not feeling good enough          


            Conflicting ideas about sex       

            Fear, resentments or guilt having to do with sex and sexual relationships

            Unresolved fears towards mother         

            Psychic obsessions or sexual frustration

            Emotional nature affected by complexes, fixations or neurotic attachments

            Spite against a precious mate   


            Weary of controlling the emotions        

            Overflowing emotions  

            Guilty of not being loyal to yourself       

            Years of controlling the emotions          

Incurable Disease:                    

            Long standing condemnation of self & others    

            Need to forgive all situations & people of the past        

            Cannot be cured by outer means at this point    

            We must go within to effect the cure     

            It came from nowhere and will go back to nowhere      


            Feeling everyone is against you 

            Feel you need to fight your way through life      

            Feelings of anxiety       

            Fear of losing job; losing security          

            Lack of understanding what, how, when, where or why in life   

Infection: (See: Viral Infection)             

            Feelings of hostility       

            Feelings of anger being manifested        

            Feelings of suspicion or annoyance       


            Feelings of rage           

            Feelings of anger or fear           

            Seeing red       

Influenza: (See: Respiratory Ailments)               

            Believing the worst will happen to you  

            Fearing the worst         


            Belief in the worst happening to you     

            Belief in mass negativity

            Belief in statistics          

            (See Immune System)  

Ingrown Toenail:                      

            Worry and guilt about your right move forward 


            Feelings of guilt & a need to be punished          

            Feeling angry toward self, so needs to suffer     

Insanity: (Psychiatric Illness)                 

            Unable to let go of old ideas or things of the past          

            Wanting to escape       

            Strong desire to separate or withdraw from life 

            Inability to cope           

            Wanting to flee from family       


            Tensions in life 

            Deep seeded guilt        

            Feelings of fear & anxiety         

            Reaction to potential threatening situations        

            Worrying about being able/good enough to do what is needed  

            Not trusting the process of life  



            Absorption, elimination with ease         

Intestinal Diseases:                   

            Inability to assimilate & absorb the new in life   

            Wanting to live in the past        

            Desire to stay in comfort zone  


            Desires gone unfulfilled 

            Having a difficult time accepting where you are in life    

            Wanting more than you are getting out of life     

            Feeling inadequate or unworthy

            Desires that go against the grain

            Unsatisfied or remorseful          

Itis: (See Inflammation)                        

            Anger and frustration about conditions you are looking at in your life     

Jaw Problems:  (T M J Syndrome)                   

            Feelings of rage           

            Subconsciously wanting revenge           

            Inability to express how one feels         

            Anger, resentment, desire for revenge   


            Represent changes in direction in life and the ease of these movements  

            Feelings of resentment  

            Suppressing hurt feelings          


            Not allowing self or others to just "be"  

            Experiencing difficulty in loving self       

            Internal and external prejudice  

            Unbalanced reason      

Jet Lag:                       

            Living in the past/ Not in present time   

Keratitis: (See: Eye Problems)              

            Extreme anger 

            A desire to hit those or what you see    

Kidney Problems:                    

            Extension of bladder but more sever     

            Insensitive to situations where caring & concern should be exhibited      

            Trying to control life     

            Being disloyal to self    

            Being over judgmental  

            Feeling emotional confusion      

            Deep subconscious resentments toward people & experiences of the past

            Unfounded criticism of others   

            Repressed emotions     

            Donít have a good relationship with yourself     

            Leaving your self out to please someone else    

            Disappointment, failure, shame 

            Reacting like a little kid

            Kidney Stone:  Hardened anger           

            Poor relationship with self & others      

            Lumps of un-dissolved anger     

Knee: (See: Joints)                   

            Represents pride and ego         

Knee Problems:                       

            Unable to be flexible    

            Not wanting to bend, usually to authority          

            Ego gets in the way      

            Pride gets in the way    

            Stubborn --- wanting own way

            Won't give in   

            Knee - Left:  Need to be more receptive to events       

            Feelings of insecurity    

            Experiencing unresolved stress 

            Knee - Right:  Need to be more assertive         

            Not wanting to give in to authority        


            Fears voicing opinions  

            Feelings of resentment toward authority

            Repressed emotions & fear      

            Gripped anger 

            Irritation at someone or some situation  

            So mad you can't speak           

Left-Right Split:                       

            Left:  Spiritual direction/Feminine side/ Protecting/Receiving/Taking side

            Represents receptivity, taking in, feminine energy, women, the mother   

            Right:  Physical direction/Masculine side/Fighting/Giving/Releasing side  


            Carry us forward in life

Leg Problems:             

            Fear of moving ahead with life  

            Fear of change 

            Has difficulty in being resolute about issues       

            Inability to understand 

            Fear of future   

            Leg Paralysis: 

            Avoiding situation you donít like           

            Avoiding situation you are afraid of       


            Inability to handle life at all       

            A long-held belief in not being good enough or clean enough     


            Feelings of deep depression     

            Feelings of anger or ill will        

            Significant loss of a parent or a career position  

            Feelings of total helplessness    

            Giving up or quitting     

            Unable to express emotions     

            Feelings present conditions & future possibilities are intolerable 

            Brutally killing inspiration "What's the use"        

            Feelings of despair & futility     


            Sexual guilt      

            Feeling powerless        

            Feeling anger toward mate       


            All about control          

            Controlling others or letting others control you, or-       

            Not being able to control yourself         


            Cracked corners:  Feelings of frustration           

            Can't say more for fear of saying the wrong thing          

            Parched:  Feeling frustrated at inability to impart knowledge      

Liver:  (Anger Center)              

            Feelings of unresolved anger    

            Feelings of resentment & pettiness        

            Being judgmental         

            Critical thoughts           

            Not forgiving self & others       

            Feelings of injustice & revenge 

            Feelings of self-condemnation  

            Feelings of regret over the past 

            Feelings of sadness      

            Being possessive          

            Seat of anger and primitive emotions    

Liver Problems: (See: Hepatitis, Jaundice)                    

            Chronic complaining    

            Justifying fault-finding to deceive yourself          

            Feeling bad      

Lock Jaw:                   

            Feelings of rage           

            Wanting to control       

            Inability to express how one feels         

Lou Gehrig's Disease:              

            Unwillingness to accept self-worth        

            Denial of success         


            Feeling inadequate or unworthy

            Not trusting yourself     

            Frustration at not moving forward in life

            Feeling blocked           

            In Throat:  Fear.  Not trusting the process of life           


            Feelings of grief           

            Ability to take in life     

            Not feeling approval    

            Hurts where love is concerned 

            Feels life is monotonous           

            Not being able to do things your way   

Lupus: (Erythematosus)            

            Feelings of deep-seeded (seated) grief 

            Feels like "giving up"    

            Laughing on the outside, but crying on the inside           

            Better to die than to stand up for one's self       

            Anger and punishment  

Lymphatic Vessels:                  

            Breaking the laws of love         

            Breaking the laws of peace & joy         

            Resentment, hatred or anger built up inside       

Lymph System:            

            Lack of enthusiasm      

            Unable to feel acceptance        

            Negative thoughts against yourself        

            A warning that the mind needs to be recentered on the essentials of life 

            Love and joy   


            Out of balance with nature and with life

Male Problems:                       

            Feeling inadequate in sexual role           

            Refusing to let go of the past    

            Feeling guilt for sleeping around

            Holding onto unpleasant memories of previous relationships      

            Feeling unfulfilled in love           

Mastoiditis: (Most often in children)                  

            Not wanting to hear what is happening in surroundings  

            Fears that affect the understanding        

            Feeling left out 

            Anger and frustration   

            A desire not to hear what is going on    

            Usually in children        

            Fear infecting the understanding

Memory: (Lack of)                  

            Feel others aren't interested in what you know  

            Donít feel valued         


            Not open to new insights          

            Feels to know it all       


            Fears this time of life & getting older     

            Fears being rejected    

            Feeling useless 

            Hot Flashes:  False belief that they can't be avoided      

            Anger at not having control of own body          

Menstrual Problems:                

            Unresolved feelings of guilt       

            Fears role as a woman 

            Feels no joy in being a woman 

            Belief that the genitals are sinful or dirty

Migraine Headaches:               

            Unable to flow easily with life   

            Want to take things at own pace          

            Dislikes being pushed   

            Inability to handle pressure or stress for long periods    

            Pushing to control; wants to control      

            Sexual fears. (Can usually be relieved by masturbation) 


            Over analyzation          

            Fear of the unknown    


            Fears timing is "wrong" 

            Fears what the future will bring 

            Fears the responsibility of baby


            Feeling unloved

            Feeling unworthy         

            Feelings of anger from not being appreciated    

            No longer caring for the self     


            Feeling inadequate or unworthy (usually generational)   

            Growths from false beliefs about self    

            Can be congenital        

Motion Sickness:                     

            Fears not having control           


            Represents taking in of new ideas and nourishment       

Mouth Problems:                     

            Resistant to change      

            Fears moving out of comfort zone        


Mucus Colon:              

            Layered deposits of old, confused thoughts clogging the channel of elimination   

            Wallowing in the gummed mire of the past        

Multiple Sclerosis:                    

            Unwilling to be flexible 

            Unreceptive to new ideas         

            Hard on self; blames self          

            Incorrect use of will     

            Unforgiving of self or others     

            Lack of communication with others      

            Mental hardness          


            Feelings of guilt

            Not performing to your standard          

            Unable to "own" something you have or have not done 

            Resistance to new experiences 

            Muscles represent our ability to move in life      

Muscle Cramps:                      

            Stubborn nature           

            A willful attitude           

            Resists moving forward in life   

Muscular-Skeletal Diseases: (Muscular Dystrophy)                  

            A form of self - created paralysis to keep from hitting someone or moving forward        

            Deep seeded anger that has not been resolved  

            Feels "I must experience pain"  

            "It's not worth growing up"       

Myasthenia Gravis:                  

            Laughing on the outside, but crying on the inside           

            Feelings of helplessness in being able to change conditions        

            Deep-seeded grief       

            Feels like giving up       

            Fears a change in life    

Myopia: (See: Eye Problems)               

            Fear of the future         

            Not trusting what is ahead        


            Represent protection    


            Unfulfilled desires         

            Feeling spiteful towards parents

            Feelings of frustration   

            Eating away at the self  


            Wishing you were somewhere else       

            Don't want to cope anymore    

            Weary of responsibilities          

            Wishing responsibilities would go away

            Extreme fear    


            Rejecting the visualization of something you don't want to see    

            Wishing an undesirable situation had never happened    

            Fear of something about to happen       

Nearsighted: (Myopia)             

            Fear of the future         

Neck (Cervical Spine)             

            Represents flexibility    

            The ability to see what's back there      

Neck Problems:                       

            Moving under pressure

            Want to let feelings out but donít dare  

            Inflexible state of mind 

            Not wanting to yield to opinions you think are wrong    

            Non-acceptance & rejection of others  


            Feelings of disappointment       

            Feelings of failure         

            Feeling life is unfair       


            Influenced by thoughts & feelings         

            Represents communication       

            Receptive reporters     

            How the body communicates within     


            Holding onto things or people of the past that need releasing     

            Need to be congruent in your communication with self  

Nervous Breakdown:               

            Inability to communicate true feelings    

            Fear of the future         

            Not recognizing/accepting own power  


            Jamming the channels of communication           


            Inability to communicate feelings adequately     

            Fear of the future         

            Feelings of anxiety       

            Confused thinking        

            Not trusting the process of life  

            Struggle, rushing          


            Feeling of being irritated without your consent   

            Your power is negated because of being irritated          


            Punishment for guilt      

            Anguish over communication    


            Feeling of overload; pressures in life too hard to bear    

            Feeling there is no letting up; "can't quit"           


            Feelings of frustration & resentment      

            Feel you always have to prove yourself

            Ego feels in jeopardy   


            Represents self-recognition      

            Bleeds:  Feeling overlooked     

            Blocked:  Not enjoying life       

            Broken:  Rebelling against learning due to resentment    

            Bulbous:  Continually going against your feelings           

            Compromising your principles  

            Runny: Crying on the inside; wanting help, or    

            running away from unwanted responsibility       

            Stuffy:  Not accepting your worth; Desire for love;        

            Impatience; Unwilling to just be your Self         

            Numbness:  Not expressing love; Not expressing consideration 

Numbness: (Parethesia)                       

            Withholding love and consideration      

            Going dead mentally    


            Using food as a substitute for affection  

            Inability to admit to self or others what you really desire

            Inability to express true feelings            

            Seeking love    

            Protecting the body      

            Trying to fulfill the self  

            Stuffed feelings


            Feeling a lack of support          

            Feeling frustrated with life         

            Feeling angry at life      


            Feeling totally unsupported in life          


            Represent point of creation      

            Feelings of loneliness    

            Desire to feel love and respect 

            Feeling inadequate in sexual role           

Over-Eating: (Compulsive)                   


            Feeling a material-emotional lack          

            Craving closeness        

            Putting on emotional armor       

            A symbol of power & desire to throw one's weight around       

            Emotional energy based on anger & resentment


            Feelings of insecurity    

            Feelings of self-rejection          

            Wanting to protect the body     

            Seeking love and fulfillment      

            Attempting to fulfill the self       

            Feelings are being stuffed inside

            Unexpressed, mis-perceived & inappropriate feelings   

Paget's Disease:                       

            Feeling there is no longer any foundation to build on      

            "Nobody cares"           


            God trying to get your attention

            Repressed anger & frustration  

            In a relationship that hurts         

            Feelings of guilt

            Indicating that something is imbalanced 


            Feeling stagnant in life  

            Feel you can't move forward    

            Paralyzing thoughts      

            Getting stuck   


            Represents the sweetness of life           

            Feelings of judgment    

            Feelings of guilt

            Low self-esteem          

            Suppressing laughter    

            Incorrect use of ego     

            Feels the joy of living is gone/not allowing joy   

            Ashamed of something you have done  



            Anger and frustration because life seems to have lost its sweetness        


            Feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities

            Sub-consciously wanting to escape      

            Resisting life     

            Fear of the future         


            Giving power to others, letting them take over  

Paralyzed Arms:                      

            Left arm:  Difficulty in receiving from others      

            Right arm:  Difficulty in giving to others 

            Resistance to an unexplained hardness of will    

            Tension of the mind      


            Unresolved anger         

Parkinson's Disease:                

            Not understanding a fear you have, which-       

            Stops you from believing in what you do and say          

            Lack of inner communication    

            Wanting full control      

            Fears not being able to control 


            Unable to remain grounded or focused in emotional activity       

            Relates to holding on to sexual feelings 

Peptic Ulcer:                

            Feels a lack of self-worth         

            Feels responsible for pleasing everyone


            Feelings of being trapped         

            Feeling there is no way out       

            Feels life's immediate problems can't be solved 

            Anger and frustration   

            Blaming others for the limitation and lack of joy in life    

Pimples: (See: Blackheads, Whiteheads)                      

            Unresolved frustrations

            Hidden anger surfacing

            Dislike of self   

Pineal Gland:               

            Corresponds with inner seeing & hearing          

            Refusing to receive understanding & enlightenment        

            Misusing faith   


            Feelings of frustration   

            Feelings of anger at present situation     

            Wanting to obscure what is going on around you          

Pituitary Gland:            

            Represents the control center   

            Continually picturing ill health or sickness          

            Feelings of being a constant recipient of bad luck/misfortune     

            Not being able to see good in all things 

Plantar Wart:               

            Frustrated about life & the future          

            Deep seeded anger      


            Feelings of antagonism 

            Feelings of hostility       

            Lack of enthusiasm for what you are doing       


            Weary of life    

            Deep emotional hurts that have not healed        

            Feelings of desperation

Poison Ivy: (Poison Oak)                     

            Feeling defenseless and open to attack 


            Paralyzing jealousy       

            A desire to stop someone        

Post-Nasal Drip:                      

            Crying on the inside     

            Feelings of inner grief   

            Feeling you are a victim

            Childish tears   

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS):                       

            Relinquishing power to others   

            Rejecting the feminine aspect of self      

            Allowing confusion to reign      


            Represents the masculine principle        

Prostate Problems:                   

            Ideas are in conflict about sex  

            Refusing to let go of the past    

            Fear of aging   

            Feels like throwing in the towel 

            Mental fears weaken the masculinity     

            Prostate Cancer:  Repressed anger at being restricted   


            Emotional insecurity     

            Holding onto feelings/fears that go against you  

            Not speaking your truth with love         

            Unwilling to be accountable for own feelings     

            Unresolved, deep-seeded hurt feelings surfacing           

            Fear of being hurt        

            Deadening the senses of the self           

Pyorrhea: (Periodontitis)                      

            Angry at self for not being able to make decisions         

            Wishy washy people    

Quinsy: (Pertonsillar Abscess, See: Sore Throat, Tonsillitis)                  

            A strong belief that you cannot speak kup for youself and ask for your needs    



            A belief that violence is the answer       


            Being irritated by something or someone           

            Unable to flow with life

            Babyish way to get attention     

Respiratory Problems:              

            Not feeling approval    

            Lack of love    

            Fears living life to the fullest      


            Feelings of resentment & wanting revenge        

            "Iím a victim" syndrome           

            Long-standing bitterness          

            Has a problem loving self & others       

            Lack of love    


            Emotional malnutrition  

            Lack of love and security         

Right-Left Split:                       

            Right side: Physical direction/ Masculine side/ Fighting/ Giving/ Releasing side

            Giving out, letting go, masculine energy, men, the father 

            Left side:  Spiritual Direction/ Feminine side/ Protecting/ Receiving/ Taking side 


            Allowing others to get under your skin  

            Not feeling good enough or clean enough         

Root Canal: (See: Teeth)                      

            Can't bite into anything anymore           

            Root beliefs being destroyed    

Round Shoulders:                    

            Carrying the burdens of life      

            Helplessness and hopelessness 

Sacroiliac Problems:                

            Feel you're in the wrong place (job, city, relationship, etc.)        

Sagging lines:               

            Sagging lines on the face come from sagging thoughts in the mind          

            Resentment of life        


            Infected thinking          

            Allowing others to get under your skin  


            Mental anxieties regarding creative abilities       

            Sexual abnormality or frustration          

            Over-concerned with money issues      

            Disregarding your own desires 

            Being double-minded   


            Protecting the self from life       

            Not trusting yourself to be there and to take care of youself      


            Feeling that life tears at you, life is a ripoff         

            That you are being ripped off   

Salivary Gland (Sublingual Gland):                    

            Not following through with your insights

Sea Sickness: (See: Motion Sickness)              

            Fear, fear of death, lack of control       


            Running away from the family, from the self, or from life


            Inability to stay in the present   

            Longing to return to security of by-gone years  

            Wanting to control those around you    

            Not willing to change your life  

            Donít want to be in the situation you're in         

            Unhappy with this time of life    

Sex Organs:                 

            Feelings of apathy        

            Feeling separated         


            Not being true to ideals & values          

Shingles: (Vericella)                 

            Fear things won't work out the way you want   


            On-going tension concerning a situation

            Hostile energy being manifest   

            (Herpes Zoster) lack of inner peace     

            Recurring problem of unworthiness       

            Waiting for the other shoe to drop        

            Fear and tension          

            Too sensitive   

Shoulders (Our expressive part):                      

            Bearing burdens that don't belong to you          

            Life is too great a burden to bear          

            Carrying stressful responsibilities          

            Lacking in courage       

            Hunched and Sloped:  Feels life is a tough struggle        

            Round:  Feelings of Hopeless/Helpless 

            Scoliosis:  Inability to trust life   

            Right:  Relates to financial         

            Left:  Relates to family  

Sickle Cell Anemia:                  

            Feelings of inferiority    


Sinus Trouble:              

            Trying to call the shots in someone else's life     

            Dominating possessive 

            Being irritated by a person close to you

Skeleton: (See: Bones)             

            Crumbling of structure  

            Bones represent the structure of your life          


            Protects our individuality, a sense organ

Skin Problems:            

            Anxiety, fear    

            Old burried guck         

            I am being threatened   

Skin Disease:               

            Unresolved feelings of irritation 

            Unresolved feelings of criticism 

            Disturbed reactions over trivial things    

            Lack of security           

            Feelings of impatience  

            Feeling bored  

            Feeling unsettled          

Skin Rashes:                

            Inner conflicts surfacing            

            Someone or something is irritating you  

            Feeling frustrated at not being able to accomplish something      

Slipped Disc:               

            Feeling indecisive about life      

            Feeling no support in life          


            Refusal to eliminate old patterns           

            Not being devoted to self         

Solar Plexus:                

            Gut reactions   

            Center of our intuitive power    


            Unexpressed anger that settles in          


            Feelings of anger going unexpressed     

            Other negative feelings going unexpressed        

            Holding in angry words


            Thoughts & feelings of fear       

Spastic Colon:             

            Intense feelings of insecurity     

            Unable to let go and flow with life         

Spinal Curvature: (See: Round Shoulders, Scoliosis Kyphosis)              

            The inability to flow with the support of Life      

            Fear and trying to hold on to old ideas  

            Not trusting life

            Lack of integrity           

            No courage of conviction         

Spine: (Has to do with the ego)            

            Ego getting carried away in pride          

            Allowing your intellect to let you down 

            Afraid to live in your feelings    

            Feelings of shyness      

            Feelings of inferiority    

            Not supporting or standing up for yourself        

Spinal Meningitis:                     

            Unresolved feelings of rage      

            Inflammatory thoughts  


            Lack of self-love          

            Not being sincere with self and others due to lack of self-love   

            Not allowing self to feel others' love/feeling rejected      

            Emotional conflicts       

            Feelings of intense anger/antagonism     

            Feelings of agitation & melancholy        


            Feelings of resistance and anger           

            Inability to change directions in life        


            A build-up of resentment          


            Extreme nervous tension          

            Hard & cold in attitudes           

Stiff Neck:                   

            Unbending bullheadedness       


            Inability to give

            Inflexible in opinions & attitudes           

            Rigid feelings in whichever area it is in   


            Holds nourishment       

            Digests ideas   

Stomach Cancer:                     

            Feelings of wanting to get even 

            Feelings of spite           

            Wanting revenge          

Stomach Problems:                  

            Our sense of security feels threatened   

            Fears new ideas           

            Lack of affection          

            Condemning the success of other people          

            Unhappy feelings         


            Wanting to protest, but dares not         

            Feels inferior    

            Doesn't accept self       

            Unable to express self  

            Emotionally insecure    

            Having to always please authority figures          

            Not being allowed to cry          


            Rejecting life at a deep level     

            Extreme resistance       

            Impatience with self for not improving a situation           

            Impatient for not being able to perform like you want to


            Feeling overloaded with the pressures of life     

            Feel like giving up        


            Not seeing the best in another person   

            Unresolved feelings of anger toward someone  

            Hanging on to feelings of resentment     

            Looking at life through angry eyes        

            Angry at someone        


            Feeling totally unable to resolve life's problems 

            Feels there is no hope for tomorrow     

            Feeling "What's the use"           

            Feels "Everyone would be better off without me"          

            See life in only black and white 

            Refusal to see another way out 


            Holding onto negative feelings  

            Being stuck in thinking  

            Clogged, painful ideas  


            Giving away your power and effectiveness        


            Strong belief in being a victim and unclean        

            Helpless to the seeming attitudes of others        


            Unduly concerned with material needs & survival needs


            Painful:  Inability to be decisive 

            Upper:  Not understanding the big picture         

            Lower:  Impatience      

            Abscess:  Procrastinating in carrying out plans  

Tendons: (Knots in)                 

            Mental poisons

            Unwilling to accept full stature  

            Need to forgive self     

            Inflexibility in mind sets 


            Rejecting masculinity    


            A need to release angry, festering thoughts       



            Feeling criticized          


            Fat:  Feelings of frustration about moving forward in life

            Fear of the future         


            Feelings of anger that have been restrained       

            Strong critical words have been spoken

            Swallowed emotional hurts       

            Not having your own way        

            Feelings of confusion    

            Lack of discernment    

            Knowledge used unwisely        


            The inability to speak up for one's self  

            Swallowed anger         

            Stifiled creativity          

            Refusal to change         


            Feelings of anger for making incorrect choices  

Thymus: (Master Gland)                      

            Feeling persecuted       

            Feeling picked on        

            Feeling life is unfair       

            Feeling unprotected     


            Conflict between the conscious & the subconscious      

            Lack of love for Self    

            Fears self-expression   

            Deep sense of frustration/anxiety          

            Lack of discernment    

Tics or Twitches:                     


            A feeling of being watched by others    


            Refusing to hear ones inner voice          

            Not wanting to listen to higher laws      



            Worrying about minor details of the future        


            Not speaking the truth  

            Inability to taste the beauty & joy of life


            Tense will        

            Repressed fear or anger           

            Irritation at someone or something        

            Not getting own way    



            Repressed emotions     

            Stifled creativity           


            Negative feelings and thoughts against yourself  

            Giving away your power          


            Continual selfishness    

            Feeling possessive       

            Being cruel to others    

Tumors: (False Growths)                     

            Suppressed emotional hurts      

            Holding onto feelings of hatred & anger

            Feelings of remorse      


            Not trusting self or others         

            False sense of value & pride    

            Results from not forgiving & releasing (forgetting) resentment    

            Feeling of "No one cares"        

            Doesnít feel close to parents    

            Forgiveness & Love are the two greatest solvents         


            Worrying over details   

            Conflicts as to capability          

            Frustration at not having things go the way you want     

            Pressures are too much to bear

            Feelings of anxiety, fear or tension        

            Seeking revenge          

            Feelings of conflict/helplessness/powerless        



            Distrusting life  

            Feeling extreme tension


            Angry, emotions          

            Being pissed off           


Urinary Infections:                    

            Putting blame on others for your problems        

            Allowing another to irritate you 

Uterine Cancer:                       

            Being "ticked off" at the male gender    

            Repressed anger          

            Feeling like a martyr     


            Has to do with unresolved feelings towards mother       

            Negative feelings toward creative aspect of life 


            Feels sexual guilt          

            Feels a need to punish self        

            Feels a loss of someone or something loved      

Varicose Veins:                       

            Pronounced tension     

            Wanting to run away    

            Feelings of discouragement      

            Feelings of negativity & resistance        

            Feeling overburdened  

Venereal Disease:                    

            Feels a need to be punished     

            Feeling guilty about sexual activities      

Viral Infections:            

            Bitterness & ugliness overshadowing the beautiful & good in life

            Belief that "I get everything that comes along"   


            Feeling completely outside of things      

            Not belonging, not one of the group     


            Rejecting the visualization of what you don't want to accept      

            Feelings of disgust        

            Wanting to get rid of these emotions     


            Represents vulnerability            


            Refusing to see the beauty in life           

            Feelings of hate taking form      

            Built up feelings of inadequacy or unworthiness 


            A need for mental rest. 


            Hiding ugliness 

Wisdom Tooth, Impacted                    

            Not giving yourself mental space to create a firm foundation


            Anger and guilt at the self         


            Holding onto outmoded beliefs about life and self          

            Imbalanced in giving or receiving/doing "overs" on one or the other       

Yeast Infections:                      

            Deep and unresolved resentments        

            Lack of self-love          

            Inability to claim ones own power        

            Unable to love & support the self         

            Unable to accept the self          

            Not recognizing own needs


Taken from the works of author's Louis Hay, Catherine Ponder, and Karol Truman.




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